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DS2430AP+ EEPROM IC TSOC-6 Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

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Place of Origin: Original
Brand Name: Original
Certification: ISO9001:2015standard
Model Number: DS2430AP+
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Detail Information

Installation Style: SMD/SMT Package/box: TSOC-6
Type Of Interface: 1-Wire Series: DS2430AP
Part Alias: DS2430AP 90-2430A+P00 Unit Weight: 569.208 Mg
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Data Storage EEPROM IC

Product Description

DS2430AP+ Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory M71PL128BOBGW9UOA CMT04N60 Memory Data Storage



The DS2430A 256-bit 1-Wire® EEPROM identifies and stores relevant information about the product to which it is associated. This lot or product specific information can be accessed with minimal interface, for example a single port pin of a microcontroller. The DS2430A consists of a factory-lasered registration number that includes a unique 48-bit serial number, an 8-bit CRC, and an 8-bit Family Code (14h) plus 256 bits of user-programmable EEPROM and a 64-bit one-time programmable application register. The power to read and write the DS2430A is derived entirely from the 1-Wire communication line. Data is transferred serially via the 1-Wire protocol, which requires only a single data lead and a ground return. The 48-bit serial number that is factory-lasered into each DS2430A provides a guaranteed unique identity that allows for absolute traceability. The TO-92 and TSOC packages provide a compact enclosure that allows standard assembly equipment to handle the device easily for attachment to printed circuit boards or wiring. Typical applications include storage of calibration constants, board identification, and product revision status.



The block diagram in Figure 1 shows the relationships between the major control and memory sections of the DS2430A. The DS2430A has four main data components: 1) 64-bit lasered ROM, 2) 256-bit EEPROM data memory with scratchpad, 3) 64-bit one-time programmable application register with scratchpad and 4) 8-bit status memory. The hierarchical structure of the 1-Wire protocol is shown in Figure 2. The bus master must first provide one of the four ROM Function Commands: 1) Read ROM, 2) Match ROM, 3) Search ROM, 4) Skip ROM. The protocol required for these ROM Function Commands is described in Figure 8. After a ROM Function Command is successfully executed, the memory functions become accessible and the master can provide any one of the four memory function commands. The protocol for these memory function commands is described in Figure 6. All data is read and written least significant bit first.



Each DS2430A contains a unique ROM code that is 64 bits long. The first 8 bits are a 1-Wire family code (14h). The next 48 bits are a unique serial number. The last 8 bits are a CRC of the first 56 bits. (Figure 3). The 1-Wire CRC is generated using a polynomial generator consisting of a shift register and XOR gates as shown in Figure 4. The polynomial is X8 + X5 + X4 + 1. Additional information about the 1-Wire CRC is available in Application Note 27. The shift register bits are initialized to 0. Then starting with the least significant bit of the family code, one bit at a time is shifted in. After the 8th bit of the family code has been entered, then the serial number is entered. After the 48th bit of the serial number has been entered, the shift register contains the CRC value. Shifting in the 8 bits of CRC should return the shift register to all 0s


Product Category: EEPROM
256 bit
32 x 8
2.8 V
5.25 V
- 40 C
+ 85 C
40 Year
500 uA
Height: N/A
Length: N/A
Operating Supply Voltage: 3.3 V, 5 V
Product Type: EEPROM
Factory Pack Quantity: 120
Subcategory: Memory & Data Storage
Width: N/A
Part # Aliases: DS2430AP 90-2430A+P00
Unit Weight: 0.020078 oz



DS2430AP+ EEPROM IC TSOC-6 Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 0

DS2430AP+ EEPROM IC TSOC-6 Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 1


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