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TPS54140DGQR Step Down Switching Regulator IC MSOP10 Package With PowerPADTM

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Place of Origin: Original
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Model Number: TPS54140DGQR
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Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs
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Detail Information

Product Category: Switching Regulators Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
Package / Case: MSOP-PowerPad-10 Package: Reel/Cut Tape/MouseReel
Unit Weight: 23.500 Mg
High Light:

TPS54140DGQR Switching Regulator IC


MSOP10 Package Switching Regulator IC


step down switching regulator ic

Product Description

TPS54140DGQR Switching Voltage Regulators 42V 1.5A Step Down Swift Cnvrtr Original in stock


1. Features:

3.5- to 42-V Input Voltage Range
200-mQ High-Side MOSFET
High Efficiency at Light Loads with a Pulse
Skipping Eco-modeTM
116-μA Operating Quiescent Current
1.3-uA Shutdown Current
100-kHz to 2.5-MHz Switching Frequency
Synchronizes to External Clock
Adjustable Slow Start and Sequencing
UV and OV Power-Good Output
Adjustable UVLO Voltage and Hysteresis
0.8-V Internal Voltage Reference
MSOP10 Package With PowerPADTM
Supported by WEBENCHO Software Tool


2. Applications
12-V and 24-V Industial and Commercial Low
Power Systems
Aftemarket Auto Accessories: Video, GPS,



3. Description
The TPS54140 device is a 42-V, 1.5-A, step-down
regulator with an integrated high-side MOSFET.
Current mode control provides simple external
compensation and flexible component selection. A
low-ripple pulse skip mode reduces the no load,
regulated output supply current to 116 μA. Using the
enable pin, the shutdown supply current is reduced to
1.3 μA.
Undervoltage lockout is intermally set at2.5 V, but
can be increased using the enable pin. The output-
voltage startup ramp is controlled by the slow-start
pin that can also be configured for sequencing and
tracking. An open-drain power-good signal indicates
the output is within 94% to 107% of the nominal
A wide switching frequency range allows efficiency
and exteral component size to be optimized.
Frequency foldback and thermal shutdown protects
the device during an overload condition.
The TPS54140 device is available ina 10-pin
thermally enhanced MSOP PowerPAD package.


TPS54140 MSOP (10) 3.00 mm × 3.00 mm


TPS54140DGQR Step Down Switching Regulator IC MSOP10 Package With PowerPADTM 0






1 BOOT O A bootstrap capacitor is required between the BOOT and PH pins. If the voltage on this capacitor is below the minimum required by the device, the output is forced to switch off until the capacitor is refreshed.
2 VIN I This pin is the 3.5- to 42-V input supply voltage.
3 EN I This pin is the enable pin and internal pullup current source. To disable, pull below 1.2 V. Float this pin to enable. Adjust the input undervoltage lockout with two resistors.







This pin is the slow-start and tracking pin. An external capacitor connected to this pin sets the output rise time. Because the voltage on this pin overrides the internal reference, it can be used for tracking and sequencing.










This pin is the resistor timing and external clock pin. An internal amplifier holds this pin at a fixed voltage when using an external resistor to ground to set the switching frequency. If the pin is pulled above the PLL upper threshold, a mode change occurs and the pin becomes a synchronization input. The internal amplifier is disabled and the pin is a high impedance clock input to the internal PLL. If clocking edges stop, the internal amplifier is re-enabled and the mode returns to a resistor set function.
6 PWRGD O This pin is an open drain output. This pin is asserted low if the output voltage is low because of thermal shutdown, dropout, overvoltage, or EN shut down.
7 VSENSE I This pin is the inverting node of the transconductance (gm) error amplifier.
8 COMP O This pin is the error amplifier output and input to the output-switch current comparator. Connect frequency compensation components to this pin.
9 GND Ground pin
10 PH O This pin is the source of the internal high-side power MOSFET.
11 Thermal Pad The GND pin must be electrically connected to the exposed pad on the printed circuit board for proper operation.



TPS54140DGQR Step Down Switching Regulator IC MSOP10 Package With PowerPADTM 1


TPS54140DGQR Step Down Switching Regulator IC MSOP10 Package With PowerPADTM 2





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